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About Flatline The Label


Sustainable streetstyle clothing, linked to a charity.

by using social consciousness in current trends, a new target group will be encouraged to gain more knowledge and awareness about cardiovascular disease. Flatline wants to build a community of young adults who are willing to help achieve and be part of a better society. The goal is to combine fashion and social consciousness to create a better tomorrow.

Our story

2005. The year Miles Verschoor is born with a congenital heart disease.

A turbulent time begins, where everything is done to make sure that this event gets a positive outcome. Fourteen years later, this event causes the creation of Flatline The Label. Flatline The Label is started by  Maarten Verschoor and Lois Solkesz. The story of Miles Verschoor, encouraged Maarten Verschoor to do something for society, now that the need is at its highest. Along with Miles Verschoor there are 1,7 million other Dutch people that suffer from heart and vascular disease. This is why Flatline The Label teamed up with the Hartstichting, to fight the battle against heart and vascular disease. Every purchase at Flatline The Label contributes to this fight, by donating 10% of every sale to the Hartstichting. At Flatline The Label, every day we are committed to ensure a better tomorrow. Every purchase contributes to more money raised for research, education, prevention and patients interests.

Production and ethics

Flatline The Label ensures that all products are high quality and fully sustainable. These two values go hand in hand, at Flatline The Label we are convinced that a sustainable product is a high-quality product. At Flatline The Label we care about guaranteeing sustainability, this makes that our clothes are timeless and lasts for a long time.

Our products are produced in Asia and are certified by the biggest textile labels (GOTS, OCS Blended, Oeko-tex). The factories we work with meet the strictest safety standards and are selected based on the best employement conditions and labour relation practices, so we can be for certain that our products are produced in the most ethical responsible way possible.